To this day, we do not know how many women ‘The Butcher Baker’ lured into his plane to the deep Alaskan woods, where he raped, tortured, then hunted and killed women.
Meet Ariel Castro, the Man Who Kidnapped 3 Girls and Hid Them for 11 YearsListen now (6 min) |
Castro kept 3 girls hidden in his basement for 11 years, repeatedly raping and torturing them. An Unproductive Member of Society Ariel Castro…
Hitler-Obsessed Cult Leader Drives Followers to Commit Suicide by Drinking Cyanide-Laced PunchListen now (7 min) |
The case of Gabriel Fernandez is one of the most gut-wrenching stories you will hear about child abuse. Between the torture his mother and her boyfriend…
Girlfriend Orders Boyfriend to Kill Himself Over Text and Gets Convicted of Involuntary ManslaughterListen now (7 min) |
Everyone knew the name Aaron Hernandez in the NFL. Now everyone knows him for his role in the murders of three people.
A devout socialist and communist, Jim Jones led over 900 people to commit suicide in the name of the Peoples Temple.
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